Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meant to be!

It is now a month since I decided to begin this project - and in that short time, I have already been asked about MS and breastfeeding on behalf of three women!

At this stage, I am focusing on getting the word out there that I want to speak to anyone has experience, thoughts, ideas or information about breastfeeding women who have multiple sclerosis - past, present and future.

Some areas I wish to explore:

  • Medicating mothers - is there a change going on, right now, with the way new mothers are prescribed weaning/medication after childbirth? Are they now being encouraged to breastfeed because research suggests prolactin may actually delay relapses post-natally? Or is token "permission" to breastfeed for a short and specified time before weaning to medicate still the norm?
  • What are the issues breastfeeding women who have MS actually face? Are they more/less fatigued than those who formula feed? Are night feeds really detrimental to avoiding fatigue? Is expressing a burden or a tool in fatigue management?
  • What support do mothers need/want? From whom? 
If you know any woman who can contribute towards this project, I would love to hear from them.